An initiative to help boost summer internship experiences with opportunities to further develop workplace skills, create community ties and experience the depths of Hampton Roads’ culture.

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Register for our Summer757 Event Series!

  Click Employer or Student to begin your registration for our summer event series. Our first event kicked off on June 10 and we are gearing up for our last event on July 27 in celebration of Virginia Intern Day - so please register as soon as possible to get added to our attendee list!

Summer757 encourages college interns to make meaningful connections and a community of support in Hampton Roads. Through a combination of social and professional networking events, we introduce interns to all that our region has to offer. Employers can sign-up their student intern cohorts or students can self-enroll in this opportunity! All events are free for students due to our employer sponsorships. 

Help Sponsor Summer757!

Employers and colleges are encouraged to sponsor to show support for this initiative. A variety of sponsorship options are available to meet your organization’s needs.

Organizations interested in sponsorships can download our Sponsorship Levels.

What to expect

Here is a look at what students can expect, and what employers, educators and parents can expect students to accomplish in their Summer757 session:

Get to know your peers.

Interns get to socialize with students both on and outside of their campus as they explore what the 757 has to offer.

Experience Hampton Roads like a local.

The Campus757 team gives Summer757 interns an all-access pass to life from a local’s perspective.

Learn from the best!

Our events and mentorship opportunities provide access to inspiring leaders in a casual, laid back setting.

VIP access

Summer757 interns are given exclusive access to events, discounts, and networking opportunities.

Create an unforgettable summer.

Interns experience the summer of a lifetime with a unique, local view of the 757.

Summer757 is making an impact

Summer757 will sponsor a comprehensive series of events and programming designed with both student and employer feedback in mind to accomplish the following goals:

1. Develop soft skills.

Based on feedback from Hampton Roads companies, students are not entering the workforce as fully developed as needed. Summer757 will help bridge that gap by facilitating opportunities for interns to further develop highly sought-after soft skills which can include:

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Adaptability
  • Problem-solving
  • Creativity
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Work ethic
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Time management
  • Leadership
  • Attention to detail

2. Create community ties.

Studies show us that those who are engaged in their communities thrive in their careers at a higher level than those who are disengaged. Summer757 will give students the opportunity to explore and experience their area like life-long locals by sponsoring connections between students and the community through:

  • Targeted community-building volunteer experiences
  • Participation in local elections and committees
  • Connection with local government agencies and municipalities
  • Interactions with peers within and outside of their campus
  • Access to and connection with mentors, leaders, and ambassadors of the region

3. Advocate for interns.

Campus757 and the HRWC is committed to advocating for interns and young professionals entering the workforce. Through combined efforts with other local government authorities, community partners, and municipalities, we are challenging ourselves to work towards tackling the deeper issues that affect our students and shape their entrance into the workforce.

Mental health, housing needs, food insecurity, racial bias – the list goes on. Hampton Roads students deserve our commitment to the issues that widen instead of bridge the gaps in employment equality and we intend to serve our students in every way needed.

4. Have fun!

Who wants a summer without any fun? Not us! Luckily the 757 is full of opportunity for excitement.

From trying new dishes to meeting new friends, getting VIP event access to working with your hands, the Summer757 initiative is a perfect opportunity to add purpose to your fun and fun to your purpose.

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