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Campus757 & Oplign: Bringing Awareness to Your Internships or Jobs More Intelligently

In 2021, we launched an initiative to increase our ability to connect talent with regional employment opportunities. We have partnered with Oplign, a local labor analytics and data science company, to aggregate and syndicate Hampton Roads-based labor data among all regional stakeholders.

What our partnership with Oplign means to the 757 business community is this: This revolutionary platform delivers the best-aligned candidates directly to the doorstep of your businesses through a simple digital interface.

Send us a note to tell us the skillsets your organization is seeking. we'll help you discover your next employee or intern!

Oplign is not a job board, a resume pile, or a headhunter pipeline. We don’t use keywords, we don’t loosely match a resume to a position description. This is the future of enterprise optimization and intelligent job discovery. And it’s starting in the 757 first.”

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What Oplign Provides

  • A complete map of the labor market.
  • Real-time machine learning tools.
  • Simple data visualization interface.

Have other questions? Or ideas to help make this better serve your business?

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