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For our community of college students and graduates, we have partnered with a firm in the 757 to help us connect job and internship seekers to their best-suited roles more seamlessly and intelligently than ever.

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Employers: Find Your Next Superstar

Find out how you can partner with Campus757 and the Hampton Roads Workforce Council to enhance your company's talent pipeline. Learn how you can benefit from our partnership with the local labor analytics and data science company that connects your posted jobs with a growing pool of talent.

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Learn more about one of Campus757’s marquee offerings, a “summer internship enhancement” program that provides networking and mentoring opportunities, essential skills training, career guidance, regional activities, and fun.

Career Advice

Our series of Campus757 blog posts about career pathways and the best insider guidance as to how to access them.

campus757 interview of a female candidate

Whitney’s thoughts on Interviewing

As the most long-in-the-tooth member of the Campus757 team, I think what I can offer in terms of career advice will stem from many years…


Career advice from Rikki

I am a huge advocate of making/leveraging connections and being able to pivot when needed. Life has a funny way of leading you right where…


Resume building advice from Kirstin

A resume is a summary of all of your educational and professional accomplishments. This includes where you went to school, what you studied, what professional…

the Campus757 Network

The Campus757 Network

Connections into the regional business community are pivotal in the pursuit of your ideal jobs and internships. We will not only introduce you to some interesting and important folks in local industry, but we will also steer you towards networking groups and opportunities you won’t want to miss.

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