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Rikki Carretta

The great thing about Hampton Roads is all it has to offer. From its beaches to its historical sites, there is something for everyone!

Sandy Bottom Nature Trail is one of my favorites on the Peninsula. I like to take the wetland trail and go to the bridge where you can look at the river. Sometimes you’ll catch a heron flying above the water and turtles swimming under you. A treehouse with a killer view of the surrounding area is also not too far from the river.

One shared love among the locals of Hampton Roads is our beaches. Two falls on my go-to list: Buckroe Beach and Outlook Beach at Fort Monroe. Buckroe is a family beach where you’ll find almost everyone from the area during the summer. Outlook is more laid back, and the view of the Chesapeake Bay at sunset during the summer is one for the books!

Do you have any local favorites? Let us know!

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