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“A hub of Higher Ed in Virginia.” That’s how southeastern Virginia has been described. The region boasts an astounding 16 colleges and universities. Four of the Commonwealth’s 15 public four-year institutions. Two top-tier HBCU’s. A prominent medical school. The second oldest college in America. Award-winning private schools. Five highly reputable community colleges.

Corporate partners have special access and exposure to college students. Whether it's hosting a lunch and learn at your organization or enrolling your interns into our internship enrichment program, we look forward to our partnership!

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With talent such a high priority at the Hampton Roads Workforce Council and in every business across the region, it is critical that we capture the opportunities afforded us by this wellspring of education centers. Our local economy mandates the generation of a targeted talent pipeline, and the retention of graduates from each of these 16 colleges and universities is a pillar of realizing that goal. As we move forward in building this program into a long-term regional asset, Campus757 will rely upon participation, guidance, and support from our partners in the Hampton Roads business community.

We're launching a corporate membership program wherein businesses can participate in Campus757’s mission and programs all year round. As our recognized supporters, corporate partners will receive exclusive benefits and direct access to the emerging workforce on campuses throughout the region.

Please check back soon to learn more, or reach out to our team to begin a conversation and become connected.


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