Campus757 is a program of the Hampton Roads Workforce Council (HRWC)

The Hampton Roads Workforce Council is a regional independent authority. Established in Norfolk in 1974, we’re part of the Virginia Workforce System created by state government, and we are one of 14 state workforce boards. We’re actually the largest one in Virginia; our service area stretches from Chesapeake in the corner of the state out to Franklin and up to Gloucester and Williamsburg.

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How did Campus757 get its start?

In 2019, the Hampton Roads Workforce Council oversaw a study of regional workforce and talent. The study indicated clearly that Hampton Roads has a “growing labor shortage” due to many factors. Soon thereafter, we created the Talent Division of the HRWC, one that has invested in full-time dedicated personnel who work to develop, attract, and retain top talent in the 757. There is an array of different programs and initiatives that we have launched and will launch in the near future to help the region resolve this challenge.

One such program is designed to retain the high-quality talent we have enrolled in higher education throughout the region after they graduate. Campus757 launched in 2020, and the high-profile, regionwide program is designed to:

  • Promote the 757 as a welcoming, vibrant, and accessible place for young professionals and college graduates to make an impact;
  • Help students move and assimilate into Hampton Roads — for example, help them find a place to live, identify needed services, and connect them with their peers and organizations in the region;
  • Develop a marketplace, both online and offline, of internships and open jobs to facilitate the matching of employers and potential employees.

We believe in the 757 as one of the best places anywhere to make a living, make a difference, and make a home. We want our local college students to stay and be a part of all that we have going on here.

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