Claire’s favorite coffee shops in the 757

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Claire Worsley

I have many favorite coffee shops to go to in the 757, whether it’s for a casual place to meet with friends or somewhere to sit and complete assignments for school.

There are so many local coffee shops that Hampton Roads has to offer.

My all-time favorite spot to go to is American Brew in Virginia Beach. Their coffee and food menu is top-notch, and the overall vibe of The Brew is amazing. It’s the perfect place to sit for hours.

Another one of my favorites, if I’m on the Peninsula, is Persnickety Crane Cafe. Persnickety Crane Café’s iced lattes are to-die-for, and their acai bowls are so refreshing!

I also love Sawdust Road hidden in the Pungo area of Virginia Beach. Sawdust Road is a small-family-owned coffee shop in an old Pungo house. They have an amazing food menu with all of my favorites, such as avocado toast and various lunch sandwiches that will not disappoint. The Sawdust Road staff is amazing and always very welcoming. Definitely worth the drive out to Pungo!

Do you have any favorite coffee spots that we’re missing? Let us know!

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