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Rikki Carretta

I am a huge advocate of making/leveraging connections and being able to pivot when needed. Life has a funny way of leading you right where you’re supposed to be!

I learned this when I graduated from Undergrad in 2019. Early the following year, we found ourselves in a pandemic that left me in an unpaid internship for a year and a half. I reached out to my college career center hoping they’d be able to find me something else, and they put me in contact with Campus757. We immediately knew we were going to be the perfect team!

If I hadn’t kept pushing forward and using connections from my previous experiences, then I may not have stepped into this amazing role. I encourage you to reach out and always create connections. You never know when they may help you get to where you want to be in life!

Résumé Writing: I think the most important part of your resume is keeping it up to date. You don’t want to forget anything that may be related to your job search!

Interview Suggestions: Be yourself! I absolutely believe in preparing for an interview so you go in able to talk about your skills and knowledge confidently while still being yourself. Go into it prepared, but don’t stress over memorizing specific aspects because they will shine through as you’re talking.

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